David E. Gerling

Founder & President


I have spent over thirty years in the financial services industry with half of that time directly involved in the mortgage world. 

My career began with Avco Finance where I was first introduced to sales. After learning the ropes, I moved on to manage branches throughout the province. From there my career led me to the mortgage industry with roles at FCT, Jayman Master Builders, and ATB Financial. I held various roles such as Branch Manager, Sales Manager, Director, and Managing Director Of Mortgage and Broker Services. My most recent role as Managing Director of Mortgage and Broker Services with ATB Financial, really  strengthened my leadership and strategic thinking skills as we generated over $1.2 billion in funded mortgages each year. 

I can credit my success as a leader, in part, to building a strong team that supported my direction and passion to help Albertans with their mortgage needs. I believe that In this challenging  time it is difficult to know who or what to trust. Leaders and companies who focus on building and maintaining integrity with their employees, and clients will be those that are looked to first.

My vision for Prairie West Mortgage Group Inc. is to be a respected, trusted mortgage solutions and advice company that helps Albertan's achieve their dreams of home ownership. To always strive to put the client at the center of everything we do and make their mortgage journey a positive and remarkable experience.


David E. Gerling

Founder | President
( Licensed )
Phone: 780-245-5568
Email: dgerling@pwmortgage.ca

Testimonials & Client Thank You Letters

David is a transformative leader with a growth mind set. He is strong in business development leadership and leading large scale teams in any challenging environment. His dedication to his team and business is incredible which builds outstanding relationships within his marketplace of choice. David promotes an agile mindset and supports teams to think out of the box and challenge themselves to delver exceptional results. His experience and expertise would be a great asset to any company. I would highly recommend David as a key leader within any team!

Michael White

Managing Director Customer Acquisition